TLC's Darby's Last Stand

Sire: TLC's Rock Studson
Dam: Forestview's Darby

Black- Brown and Landseer recessive
OFA Elbows- Normal
OFA Cardiac- NORMAL by practitioner
OFA Cystinuria DNA Normal
OFA Patellas Normal

Retired 2007

Tandy was diagnosed with rapidly growing un-operable cancerous tumor in her neck and throat area in December 2010.  She was still happy, and it didn't seem to both her; so we decided to bring her home and  let her go on living her life until she was no longer happy, and Tandy was VERY happy.  Friday, February 18, 2011 we arrived home from going out to dinner, and I went to feed Tandy her supper...(She stayed thin, even though she at tons.)  I could tell things were just not right, and I knew it was time. 
She did not appear to be in any pain; she ate 2 bowls of food, the good stuff, and went outside as usual.  She came back in and went to sleep; I however was up all night.  Saturday, February 19, 2011 the vet came out to have a look; it was time.  Tandy was "put to sleep" at 10:22 a.m.

I loved her lots, and she is missed every day! 




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