TLC's Smoochie Poochie, CGC, TDI
(AKC Canine Good Citizen)
Therapy Dogs International
Northeast Regional Medical Center Pet Therapy Volunteer/
Hospice Pet Therapy Volunteer

May he rest in peace...

Sire: Black Bear Higgins Taylor
Dam: Black Bear White Paw Taylor

Black- Gray and Landseer recessive

AKC DNA Profile #V221670
PennHIP- L=0.55, R=0.41...70%
OFA Cardiac- NORMAL by cardiologist
CERF'd 03'
OFA Thyroid Normal
OFA Cystinuria DNA Normal

Neutered September 2004



Smooch enjoying the snow...January 2010.  He was 8.5 years old when these pictures were taken.

Smooch was put to sleep at 10:40 a.m. on September 22, 2010 while eating a big handful of all his favorite treats. He had been hungry for s long. He won’t be hungry anymore, but he will be so very missed! My heart just aches!

After a long battle with the mega-esophagus, caused by what the vets believed to be myasthenia gravis, Smooch had gone from once weighing 205lbs (as seen in the pictures above) just 9 months ago to 170lbs at the time he was diagnosed in March 2010 to today, September 22, 2010, weighing only 113.8lbs. When I took him into the vet's office I had no plan of having him put to sleep.  I took him in to have a drip line put in so I could give him I.V. fluids with vitamins in them over the next week while at the same time changing his meds to a stronger motility drug; his prior meds were no longer doing the trick.  However after seeing the HUGE weight loss and hearing me tell of his past week of almost continual spitting up the vet feared his condition had worsened and suggested another scan to see what the inside of the esophagus looked like.  I sat and wept as they took him back for the scan.  The scan showed his esophagus had developed strictures causing a complete and permanent blockage...nothing could pass and no meds or even surgery were going to help.  I could not let my very sweet boy suffer any longer. So I chose to let him go. This was the most painful decision I have ever made.  He had been eating nothing but baby food for months, and he missed getting to chew his food and treats so I asked that they give him a huge plenty of treats and allow for him to eat them ALL as they put him to sleep.  I sat there on the ground with him rubbing him as he woof-ed down all the MANY goodies, and then... It was over....

Gin cleaning Smooch's ears while he rests on his "dog bed", May 2010.

These were the last photos I had made of him, September 10, 2010...It's not that I don't have thousands of pictures already, but if I had known I was never going to be able to see him again I would have taken a 1000 more...

I wish the Rainbow Bridge had a phone, so I could hear your bark again. I thought of you today but that's nothing new. I thought of you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in silence and often speak your name. All I have are memories, and pictures in a frame...

AchievementsCGC(AKC Canine Good Citizen), TDI (Therapy Dogs International)

                                Northeast Regional Medical Center Pet Therapy Volunteer



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