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Tarbeary Kennels is.....

Well to start, I am NOT a kennel at all. Tarbeary Kennels is made up of me, my fiance' and my dogs....  my Newfoundlands, a Golden Retriever (Biscuit)  and a Rottweiler (Gin). Gin was my fiance's when we met.  We added a black Lab, Hunter, that we rescued when someone had dumped him out in the woods with a large tumor on his side in the Winter of 2009.

I am an all-breed obedience instructor and an AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) test evaluator. Most all of my time is spent at home with my dogs. I have also done some handling for AKC conformation and obedience shows, both my own dogs and for the public.

All of my dogs are obedience trained and well socialized. Smooch and Lucky received AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) titles in September 2003 and have since gone on to earn TDI (Therapy Dogs International) titles and are currently the ONLY two giant breed therapy dogs used by Hospice in NC. Koko and Molli also earned their AKC CGC titles in 2004.  The Pet Therapy programs benefit so many by blessing others with the unbelievable amount love and understanding so many pets have to offer; I am thrilled for me and my dogs to be a part of such a special group of volunteers. Koko, Smooch, Lucky and I are also a part of the Northeast Medical Center's Pet Therapy Program, and can be seen visiting at our local hospital each week.

I also have dogs trained in various other areas water, drafting, etc.  However, all of the dogs love to run, play, and have a good time splashing around in the lake, pool, or even a big puddle. I have worked on agility with quite a few as well, and yes, you heard me correctly, agility. My Newfs are not "couch potatoes". They are healthy active dogs who love to run and play.

I strive to breed puppies both healthy and sound, in mind and in body, as well as correct in conformation. I have bred multiple AKC Champion dogs as well as Group placing dogs; many finishing their AKC Championships from the "puppy classes". Some of my past puppies have been taught to do draft work, to do water rescue training, and many have received their AKC CGC titles as well as their TDI titles.  I have also bred several who have acquired their CDs (Companion Dog Title) in the obedience ring. I am very proud of all of my past puppies, pets and show dogs alike.

All of my dogs are PennHIP/ OFA certified (preliminary/final).  I can provide documentation of all health screenings and tests and will provide it upon request to anyone who is interested.  All of my Newfoundlands are Cystinuria DNA tested or Cystinuria clear via parentage, OFA cardiac Normal, OFA Patellas Normal, OFA Elbows, PennHIP or OFA Hips and many of my Newfoundlands have been screened for vWD DNA and are OFA thyroid Normal and CERF'd as well. All of my puppies are guaranteed for 1 year for hereditary and congenital defects. All pups are vet checked and vaccinated by a vet and their hearts are cleared for SAS before leaving Tarbeary Kennels.

I feed a diet consisting of raw meat and bones, as well as fresh and cooked fruits and vegetables, and a holistic dry kibble. I am very pleased with the way my dogs and puppies grow and mature on this diet. I send each puppy home with a bag of food and highly recommend that they remain on the diet I have started them on here. My dogs do well year round with skin, coat, size, and development. I have never had any problems with hot spots, skin allergies, etc. The dogs grow at a good rate and maintain a healthy size and coat year round.

I exercise all of the dogs...all are leash trained and walk the side walked streets of Historic Downtown Concord with me daily....

I am located NOT on a farm but in a development just outside of Historic Downtown Concord, NC. My dogs are not kenneled breeding stock, but my beloved pets.  All of the dogs are house trained and crate trained and are invited in accordingly. I have 11 that live indoors year round. They are not given away or sold as they retire but instead live their lives out here with me as my pets, just as they spent their younger days.

I sell puppies to both pet and show homes and offer breeder support for the life of the dog. I encourage anyone considering adding this great breed into their families to come visit with me and my dogs first. Each of my dogs are valued and much loved members of my family and that is what I want your new puppy to be to you as well.

If you would like more information on Tarbeary Kennels please e-mail, call, or come visit with me.

Brandy Deines
228 Stonewall Circle SW
Concord, NC 28027



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